105+ Free Gifts or Service Ideas for Dad or Grandpa on Father’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas, or Any Day of the Year!

105+ Free Gifts or Service Ideas for Dad or Grandpa on Father’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas, or Any Day of the Year!

Finding the best gifts for dads and grandpas can be hard, especially for the man who already has everything. But don’t feel like you need to buy something. Try one or many of our 105+ free gifts or service ideas for dads and grandpas on Father’s Day, his birthday, Christmas, or any day of the year that may be more meaningful than anything you can buy at the store! They can all be done with no supplies or basic items around the home, such as paper.

105+ Free Gifts or Service Ideas for Dad or Grandpa on Father’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas, or Any Day of the Year!

1. Write notes and hang them in his office. 

2. Put together a slideshow of your favorite pictures together that he can use for his computer’s screensaver. 

3. Make him breakfast. 

4. Give him 30 minutes to himself to relax. 

5. Set up a mini golf course for him in the backyard or at a park. Use a broom for the golf club if needed. 

6. Create a special mailbox from a cardboard box and leave him weekly notes. 

7. Read a book with him. 

8. Draw him a picture. 

9. Write a timeline of your favorite memories with him. 

10. Invite others who know him to write a favorite memory with him, and then compile them into a single document. 

11. Do what he asks without making him ask twice.

12. Do what you know he’ll want you to do without even making him ask.

13. Make dinner.

14. Take him on a picnic.

15. Draw him an animated flip-book.

16. Clean the garage.

17. Write him a poem.

18. Make a countdown chain to Father’s Day with reasons you love him. (Or, you can download our printable Father's Day countdown chain for $1.)

19. Mow the lawn. 

20. Create a calendar with 365 days of notes so he can pull one off each day. Bind the papers with a binder clip or just use sticky notes that he can peel off.

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21. Write him a song or create a silly parody of his favorite song. (See what we did for Mom on Mother’s Day for an idea.)

22. Clean the hubcaps and tires on his car.

23. Clean the inside of his car.

24. Create a piece of art with sticks and rocks.

25. Inflate any sports balls that are getting deflated.

26. Prepare his plate at the dinner table each night for a week. 

27. Let him have the last cookie.

28. Send him a nice text each day while he is at work.

29. Polish his shoes.

30. Ask questions about his job to better understand in detail what he really does.

31. Audio record stories from his life and type them up for him.

32. Create a “best dad ever” trophy (or other fun title) with supplies you have in your home.

33. Organize the junk drawer.

34. Let him choose the next movie or TV show to watch.

35. Let him choose what to listen to on the radio.

36. Weed the yard.

37. Give him an IOU to rake the leaves in the fall.

38. Create a coupon book with activities to enjoy together throughout the year.

39. Spend tech-free time with him each day.

40. Let him teach you about his hobby.

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This easy game using just a bouncy ball and cups is a simple and quick solution for screen-free play for kids, teens, and families.

41. Write notes to him on his comb, brush, or favorite tools.

42. Create a list of 100 things you love about him.

43. Set an alarm on Alexa or Google to go off each day to remind him you love him.

44. Put together a playlist of his favorite songs.

45. Make his lunch to take to work each day.

46. Hug him each morning and night.

47. Record a special ringtone for his phone telling him you love him.

48. Put together a collection of quotes about the importance of dads.

49. Write him a note with rocks or sticks on the porch, such as “Hi, Dad!” or “I love you.”

50. Wash his car.

51. Make his bed.

52. Have a photoshoot together.

53. Go on a walk or hike together.

54. Create a quote board for him with a paper frame to go around a sheet of paper; swap out the quote each week with a new paper.

55. Look at the stars together; research constellations and point them out to him.

56. Apologize if there’s something unresolved you’ve done that hurt him.

57. Organize his socks or closet.

58. Ask him if there’s a chore you can do for him.

59. Draw a picture of what his superhero cape would look like and write down why. Accompany it with a list of why he is your hero.

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60. Draw a short comic-book story about how he always saves the day.

61. Sweep the driveway and clean the gutter.

62. Write him a thank-you note on his napkin at dinner each day.

63. Re-create his favorite book or movie by putting on a play at home.

64. Learn to perform his favorite song on an instrument you play.

65. Leave a note in his car each morning.

66. Cook his favorite meal if you have the supplies on hand.

67. Take out the garbage. 

68. Clean his garden tools and buckets.

69. Spray down the outside garbage can or recycling bin.

70. Exercise with him.

71. Put together a list of quotes or talks you think he would like.

72. Dust the tops of his books.

73. Decorate a rock as a paperweight. 

74. Compile a list of jokes for him to enjoy.

75. Video yourselves talking about your favorite moments with him.

76. Leave a note in his lunch sack.

77. Give him an IOU to shovel when it snows.

78. Wash the garage door.

79. Put together a skit for him.

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80. Ask him for advice.

81. Record a fun voicemail to leave on his phone.

82. Wash or wipe down the outdoor furniture.

83. Write a note to him on his bathroom mirror using dry-erase markers.

84. Cut out hearts and put them on his car windows (remove before driving) or on the seats in his car.

85. Post on social media why you love him and tag him in it.

86. Thank him for all he does for you.

87. Tell him, “I love you!”

88. Have a dance party with him.

89. Clean the home.

90. Do the dishes.

91. Wait at the door to greet him each night he comes home from work.

92. Go on a bike ride together if you have bikes.

93. Write down the best advice he gave you and tell him how it has helped you in your life.

94. Download this sheet of 105+ FREE gift ideas for Dad and Grandpa and try to do one each day or week throughout the year.

For older teens and adults:

95. Clean the windows.

96. Repair or patch holes in the wall.

97. Sand down wood that is getting rough on a fence, table, or chairs.

98. Clean the outside lights.

99. Babysit your siblings so your parents can go on a date.

100. Mend a piece of his clothing.

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101. Clean the grill.

102. Shred any documents he needs done.

103. Trim the bushes, plants, or trees.

104. Do his laundry and put it away.

105. Let him teach you a basic life skill so you can do it for him in the future, such as fixing a toilet or replacing a light bulb.

106. Run errands on his to-do list.


 105+ Free Gifts or Service Ideas for Dad or Grandpa on Father’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas, or Any Day of the Year!

    What other ideas do you have? Leave a comment below to help others find the perfect Father’s Day or birthday gift for the great men in their lives.

    105+ Free Gifts or Service Ideas for Dad or Grandpa on Father’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas, or Any Day of the Year!

    105+ Free Gifts or Service Ideas for Dad or Grandpa on Father’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas, or Any Day of the Year!

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