13 Easy Last-Minute Valentine's Day Games

13 Easy Last-Minute Valentine's Day Games

For easy last-minute Valentine's Day party games, try one of these 13 fun ideas!


Valentine's party game #1: Bobbing for Hearts

Put a few conversation hearts in a shallow dish or plate and fill it with water until it's just above the candy hearts. Then simply see who can be the first to move three hearts to another plate.

Valentine's party game #2: Conversation Heart Stacking Challenge

Like "Bobbing for Conversation Hearts," this game also involves picking up conversation hearts with your teeth! But you don't have to worry about water. And the twist for this game is that you need to get the hearts not just moved to a different plate but they need to be stacked there on top of each other! You can make this a Minute to Win It twist by seeing who can stack the most in 60 seconds!

Valentine's party game #3: Cupid's Arrow

This Valentine's Day game plays off Cupid's arrow. You want to use a toy bow and arrow and try to aim at a heart. But before each round, you'll choose a crazy way to shoot Cupid's arrow. Here are some ideas for what to do when you aim your bow:

• Face backward.

• Close your eyes.

• Aim from under one leg.

• Let the arrow fly while you're spinning in a circle.

• Use your nondominant hand.

• Sit on the ground.

• Bounce the arrow off a cabinet before it hits the heart.

• Hit the arrow off the ceiling before it hits the heart.

Valentine's party game #4: Three Valentine's Day Twists for Playing UNO

Give your UNO game a Valentine's twist with the three fun rules in this video.


Valentine's party game #5: What I Love about . . . 

In this Valentine's game, grab several heart papers (we got ours from the Dollar Tree) and write various words on the back like "Dad," "Mom," "art," "school," and "church." Draw a heart on a handful of the papers. Form the papers into a heart shape on the table. Take turns turning over one of the papers and sharing three things you like about the word on the back. If you turn over a paper with a heart drawn on it, you get a point! The first person to get three hearts wins.

Valentine's party game #6: Hand-Chopsticks Challenge

Place lots of acrylic hearts (we got our at the Dollar Tree) on a plate. Then tape together your second/third and fourth/fifth. fingers, which will form "chopsticks." Then try to be the first to get a certain number of hearts moved from the pile to a second location

Valentine's party games #7–13:

These seven games are inspired by the idea of celebrating love and family connections! (In a poll on my Instagram account, 87% of my followers celebrate the holiday as a family instead of as a couple!) So the seven games in this video help you build those connections with getting-to-know-you questions or by reflecting on your favorite memories in fun ways! Enjoy!






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  • Patricia Howard on

    Good Morning,
    Do you have a Valentine Day Escape Room.

  • Patricia Howard on

    Good Morning,
    Do you have a Valentine Day Escape Room.

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