2-Word Rush—Word Game with Letter Cards

2-Word Rush—Word Game with Letter Cards

If you love card games where you sit in a circle and rush to find matching sets, then you’ll love this game with a word twist. Everyone takes eight cards and then picks up and discards one card at a time—with everyone racing in the same way—to try to form two words of four letters each. With everyone racing at once, who will be the first to form the words? You can use any letter cards, but if you’re looking for a deck with multiple cards in the vowels and the most-used consonants, check out the Ultimate Letter Card Deck we use.

If you have young kids, this is also a great game to practice spelling at a slower pace! Or it’s a fun way to bring a little extra fun to #homeschool right now!

Supplies: The Ultimate Letter Card Game Deck

Conversation Starter

Everyone may have a different approach to winning this game. Talk about what everyone's strategies are and how there are multiple ways to accomplish the same task. How does this knowledge help us in working with others in other situations or projects?

Why This Matters

Games make learning so much fun; this game is a great way to stimulate the brain and practice spelling without it feeling at all like a school lesson.


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