40 Easy Thanksgiving Party Games, Crafts, and Treats

40 Easy Thanksgiving Party Games, Crafts, and Treats

The best Thanksgiving party games are some of my favorite games all year! Today I'm sharing over 40 ideas with Thanksgiving games for kids, teens, and all ages, including turkey-themed treats and crafts to keep the family entertained on Thanksgiving Day. Many of them are designed to help your family share what they're grateful for in new and fun ways!

While some of these Thanksgiving game videos are labeled for kids or teens, most of the ideas can entertain all ages!

1. Pied and Go Seek (0:20).

2. Guess What's inside the Pie (0:46) 

3. Pluck the Turkey (2:58)

4. Pilgrim Hat Bounce (6:13)

5. Don't Topple the Turkey (7:37)

6. Tail Feather Pumpkin Pie (9:15)

7. Sculpt Your Gratitude (0:13)

8. Letter-by-letter Gratitude (2:17)

9. Charades with a Twist (4:51)

Decorate a Thanksgiving Tree

10. Decorate a Thanksgiving Tree


11. Olive-stacking challenge (0:17)

12. Pilgrim-hat Marshmallow Toss (1:12)

13. Stuff the Turkey (3:50)

14. Pie-crust Weaving Challenge (4:56)

15. Fill the Cornucopia (6:53)

16. Cranberry Chopstick Challenge (8:44)

17. Napkin-ring Stacking Challenge (9:50)

DIY escape room for Thanksgiving party

18. Thanksgiving Escape Room

19. Begins and Ends with Gratitude (0:15)

20. Memory Match (1:48) (Download our printable cards to use on the back.)

21. Board Games of Gratitude (3:10)

22. Scattergories—Gratitude Edition (5:37) (Download our printable lists to use.)

23. Guess Who Is Grateful (6:56)

24. Sliding into Gratitude board game (get the printable).

25. Rice Krispies Treats with Mike and Ikes (0:03) (We used these cookie cutters.)

26. Rolled Tootsie Pop Fruit Chews (0:45) 

27. Ding Dongs with Milano Cookies (1:08)

28. Snowballs with Licorice (2:19)

29. Licorice with Sour Patch Kids Marshmallow (3:01)

30. Pumpkin Muffins with M&Ms (3:46)

31. Oreos with Pretzel Sticks and Printable Bodies (4:10)

32. Rice Krispie Treats with Licorice (4:31) (We used these cookie cutters.)

33. Modern Tootsie Pop Fruit Chews (0:45) (5:14)

34. Ding Dongs with Fruit Slices (5:37)


35. Pinecone, Flower, and Leaf Turkeys (0:30)

36. Balloon-weight Turkeys (1:59) (Get the printable turkey.)

37. Mini Balloon-weight Turkeys (3:09) (Get the printable turkey.)

38. Turkey Place Settings (3:22) (Get the printable turkey.)

39. Beaded Turkey Napkin Rings (3:45)

40. Feather Turkeys with Styrofoam (4:56)

41. Turkey Mobile (5:25) (Get the printable turkey.)

42. Balloon Turkeys (6:31) 


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  40 Easy Thanksgiving Party Games, Crafts, and Treats

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