5 Easy Game Activities with Toilet Paper Rolls and Bouncy Balls (Two-Supply Games!)

5 Easy Game Activities with Toilet Paper Rolls and Bouncy Balls (Two-Supply Games!)

To me, one of the best things about two-supply game challenges is that they can start as just FIVE MINUTES of family time (easy entry-level commitment for family members who don’t feel they have enough time/desire for family games) but they almost always keep everyone engaged and playing together for MUCH longer! And it doesn’t take much prep. Just grab some empty toilet paper rolls (or most of these activities would work with brand-new toilet paper rolls as well!) and a bouncy ball or two and try one of these five boredom busters! 

Give one of these games a try and leave a comment down below sharing how long your family ended up playing together for!

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Boredom Busters #1–4

Boredom Buster #1: Down and Up

In this game, drop a bouncy ball down the toilet paper roll and get it to bounce directly back into the roll!

Boredom Buster #2: In and Out

In this game, try to see how many times in a row you can bounce it from the bottom of the toilet paper roll back into the top of it!

Boredom Buster #3: In and Out—Team Play

This game is a team variation on game #2—when one person drops/bounces the ball out of the toilet paper roll, another person has to get it into the top of their roll in that bounce.

Boredom Buster #4: Double Drop

In this game, stack toilet paper rolls above and below one another. Then try to drop a ball and have it go through all of them! Make it more challenging by placing each roll farther apart.

Boredom Buster #5: The 2-Stick Ball Run

This easy boredom buster for kids and teens is an easy solution for screen-free time. Just gather empty paper towel rolls (the “sticks”), toilet paper rolls, or wrapping paper rolls and soft balls in multiple sizes (use bigger than bouncy balls for this game!). Balance on a ball on one roll and balance a second roll on top of the ball. Try variations of races—forward, backward, sideways, and spinning—for a fun level-up challenge!

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