5 Fun and Easy St. Patrick's Day Party Games for Kids and Teens!

5 Fun and Easy St. Patrick's Day Party Games for Kids and Teens! 

These five fun and easy St. Patrick's Day party games are great for kids, teens, and adults, too!

Pot of Gold Races

Turn a car track into a rainbow road and try to get gold coins into the pot at the end of the rainbow!


Heel Click Races

Can you be the first to catch a shamrock between your feet while doing a heel click?

Greedy Leprechaun printable game

Can you collect gold coins before the Greedy Leprechaun gets them all?  

Get the printable Greedy Leprechaun game here!

Leprechaun Hat Trick Game

Have a little fun to see who will get stuck with the leprechaun's hat trick!

Find the Lucky Clovers

How fast can you race to find the four-leaf clovers?

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