5-High Cup Game—an Easy Boredom Buster to Create Family Game Night in Minutes

5-High Cup Game Challenge by Family FED

Need a quick and easy family activity? Grab five plastic cups and you’re ready to play. Who will have the best flipping and stacking skills in your family?

Instructions for 5-High Cup Game by Family FED

Download a PDF of this activity’s “recipe” to add to your family activity binder.


What You’ll Need

Clear plastic cups (an item from your Game Pantry)


How to Play

1. Gather five cups; place one upside down.

Gather five plastic cups.
2. Flip the other cups until they land upside down on top of the main cup, eventually creating a stack of five.

Balance the upside-down cup on a water bottle if needed.
3. Make it easier by placing the main cup on a small water bottle to hold it in place. Make it harder by requiring two or more flips in the air before the cup lands.



1. Set a timer and see who can stack the most cups during that time.

Give yourself a minute-to-win-it challenge or other time-based game.

2. Bounce cups onto the main cup. It helps to put an item inside to stabilize it.

If bouncing a cup on top of the main cup, stabilize the main cup with something inside.

3. Place the main cup at an angle on a water bottle.

Try a challenge by flipping the cups onto the main cup at an angle.


Conversation Starter

It’s much easier to stack the cups when the main cup is stabilized and grounded. What things best help you stay grounded when potential challenges could knock you over or push you around? Why can those things help keep you centered on what matters most?

Why This Activity Matters

If you have some children who like science and some who like art, this is a great way to bring them both together and help them see how their various interests can work together. What other collaboration might it spark among their interests?



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