5 Keys for How to Plan an Easy Halloween Treasure Hunt

Whether your family will be staying at home for Halloween in place of trick-or-treating or you simply want to add an extra celebration of fun for the holiday, a treasure hunt for candy collection and filled with fun activities can be the perfect option! We included all of these in our Monster Treasure Hunt printable with seven clues and five games/activities, but you could use them in creating your own treasure hunt as well.

Here are five keys to creating an unforgettable treasure hunt:

1. Include games. Don't just lead children from one clue to the next. Provide a fun activity at many of the stops. Not only does this help the activity take up more of the evening, but it also makes it more of an epic adventure. We included a monster bowling game and a one-eyed-monster drop to get the children engaging in physical movement.

2. Spark creativity. At some clue stops, let the children's imagination soar. We had some clues that invited the children to stop and create a monster dance or a monster handshake. It's so fun to see what they come up with!

3. Include brain teasers. Mixing up clues into word scrambles can help children engage in brain exercises. We combined letter scrambles with color identification as well so there's something in each clue for children of all ages, even if they can't read.

4. Pause for treats. Not only can you have trick-or-treat candy at each location along the way, but you can pause for a specific treat as one of the clue spots. We simply added monster bodies to a sweet treat to turn them into monster goodies, and they found the next clue at the end of their treat break.

5. Build for the size of your space. You don't have to have a large space to hold a treasure hunt; we did it in three rooms all with open walls between them (though one is around the corner). Simply place the more obvious/larger clues at the beginning of the treasure hunt (we made the bowling activity the first clue) and the smaller clues at the end where you can hide them in small spaces in a room that has a clue out in the open.

That's it! With these great tips, you can create a fun Monster treasure hunt in no time!

If you want to print our PDF of seven clues and five printable games/activities that are already designed, you can find more info on it here.

Easy printable monster treasure hunt pack


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