50 Service Ideas to Do at or around Home during the Coronavirus quarantine

Looking for service ideas you can do at or around home during the Coronavirus quarantine? Try one of the 50 ideas below!

 50 service ideas to do at or around home during the Coronavirus quarantine

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  1. Write a thank-you note to a teacher.
  2. Put a happy quote on your mailbox for your mail carrier to see; rotate it regularly.
  3. Write a song and send it in a voicemail to someone—even if it’s a simple parody based on your favorite tunes.
  4. Create a playlist on YouTube of your favorite music, how-tos, or funny videos and share it with others.
  5. Safely put a happy message on your car to help others smile as you drive by.
  6. Wash the outside windows on your neighbors’ homes (ask them first).
  7. Take pictures of flowers and text them in a digital bouquet to someone.
  8. Create small posters with happy messages for a retirement center.
  9. Assemble backpacks with 72-hour emergency supplies for a shelter.
  10. Weed someone’s flower bed.
  11. Read a story to a child over a video chat.
  12. Build a birdhouse or feeder.
  13. Create uplifting signs on cardstock, attach them to skewer sticks, and place them in neighbors’ yards.
  14. Create a game or toy for a neighbor. Or, download some of our games for them without leaving home.
  15. Help a family member with a talent they are working on.
  16. Put away the dishes.
  17. Plant a tree or create an herb or vegetable garden that could help someone else.
  18. Put your phone away when you’re talking with someone face-to-face.
  19. Find clothes or toys in your closet that you can donate.
  20. Take a walk and smile/wave at people who drive by.
  21. Text a joke to someone.
  22. Crochet hats for the homeless to use next winter.
  23. Wash the car.
  24. Pick up litter (use gloves).
  25. Learn basic phrases in another language so you can assist others in the future.50 simple service ideas to do at or around home
  26. Organize a group aerobics class to enjoy over video chat.
  27. Pay for the person behind you in a drive-thru.
  28. Put someone’s garbage can away after the truck comes.
  29. Ask someone how he or she is doing, and listen.
  30. Send someone an e-gift card to a small business.
  31. Put together a list of emergency numbers in your community and post it on your community’s Facebook page.
  32. Write a note to someone you admire and tell him or her why.
  33. Write cheerful notes on the sidewalk.
  34. Let someone else have the last treat.
  35. Say only nice things the entire day.
  36. Leave an online review for a small business you have enjoyed working with.
  37. Create a piece of art for a grandparent.
  38. Find a cause online to donate to.
  39. Apologize to someone you have hurt.
  40. Write notes to soldiers.
  41. Like and comment on someone’s social media post who could use a pick-me-up. Or send a direct message.
  42. Write down some favorite family stories in a family history.
  43. Create and post a picture quote on social media.
  44. Hold the door open for someone.
  45. Create paper-bag puppets and record a video skit with them; share it with children in your family or neighborhood.
  46. Say thank you to anyone who prepares your food.
  47. Go caroling on the sidewalk or play a musical instrument—with holiday music or your favorite everyday music.
  48. Ask a teacher if you can do anything to help with lesson prep.
  49. Plan an at-home “spa day” for family members.
  50. Tell your family members what you love about them.


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