6 Service Ideas for Lifting Cheer during the Coronavirus

Today a friend texted several of us in the neighborhood: “I am just pulling into Costco; does anyone need anything?” How amazingly kind is that! It’s the type of beauty that can come from people drawing together during a difficult situation like the Coronavirus.

Want to help spread that same cheer to others, which can also bring happiness and peace to your family? Download and print some of these handouts to accompany a sweet treat for a neighbor.

Download all of the handouts here.

Service handouts to spread joy during COVID-19


Paper Airplane Runway

Drop off several sheets of printer paper that can be used to make paper airplanes. Send along the four downloadable runway sheets that can be used to create a landing strip for the airplanes to land on!

Greeting: “We may not be able to bring you toilet paper, but this kind of paper is more fun anyway! ;) Get your creativity flying by making paper airplanes and sending them soaring. Make it a game by seeing who can land on the tarmac!”



Greeting: “There are a lot of raisins why we may be stressed right now, but know that I’m here for you if you need anything!”


Slim Jims

Greeting: “There may be slim pickings at the grocery store right now, but we’ve got you covered for a little snack!”


Donettes Package (or Fresh Doughnuts)

Greeting: “Donut fear—we’re here for you if you need anything! Give us a call any time!”


Fruit by the Foot

Greeting: “We may need to stay this far away, but know that you’re always close to our heart! We love you! Fun fact! Did you know these treats are about three feet long?”



Greeting: “Physically I need to give you a fist bump, but I’m actually giving you Hugs in my heart!”

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    These are great! Printing them now!

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