7 Easy Games with Dollar Tree Supplies for Family Game Night, Car Games, and Road Trips

7 Easy Games with Dollar Tree Supplies for Family Game Night, Car Games, and Road Trips

Family game night, road trip ideas, and party games don’t have to break the bank—we’re bringing you seven easy and fun games you can play with Dollar Tree supplies for around two dollars each. From Plinko ideas to dice games to dry-erase paper dolls, and more, these easy games are great for not only kids but several games are also great for teens—easy to be leveled up or simplified for all ages, including adults! 

Dollar Tree DIY Game #1.Use a school locker/organization basket for a fun game with a bouncy ball and sticky notes. Place arrow sticky notes pointing to as many holes in the basket as you’d like. (We like three holes for most ages.) Then see how fast you can get the ball to land in the designated holes. Make it more challenging by trying to get the ball into all the holes without stopping in any unmarked holes! For an extra twist, place some sticky notes on the sides of the baskets so you have to turn the basket on its edge!


Dollar Tree DIY Game #2.This Dice Shake game is so transportable! Simply put several dice inside a small craft organizer; four dice is great for more players, but try fewer dice for young children or more dice for teens and adults. Then select a number combination, such as 1-2-3-4, 1-1-5-5, or 3-3-3-3. Then start shaking the container and trying to get the desired number combination on your dice! Have a race to see who can do it first or try to beat your own personal record!


Dollar Tree DIY Game #3.Create dry-erase paper dolls by putting the Dollar Tree paper dolls (paper shapes) into a plastic sleeve or any page protector. Then use dry-erase markers to create any outfits you want! For more ideas, see our full article for creating DIY dry-erase paper dolls.


Dollar Tree DIY Game #4. Create a basketball game that’s safe for the car or indoors using a soap dish and cotton balls from the Dollar Tree! Learn how in our full article for this DIY Dollar Tree basketball idea.


Dollar Tree DIY Game #5.Grab shower rings and hooks for this easy swinging game perfect for the car and road trips! Place the hook securely next to one side of the headrest in front of you (tape it in place for extra security). Then tie a ring onto yarn and tie the yarn onto the other side of the headrest; keep the yarn length as short as possible while still allowing the ring to reach the hook. Then start swinging the ring to get it to swing onto the hook! For added fun, use multiple hooks and try to swing three at once or three in a row!


Dollar Tree DIY Game #6.We call this game the Dice Drop, and you can play it in two ways described in the full article for this DIY dice game.


Dollar Tree DIY Game #7.Create your own DIY Plinko-like game with a marker storage container, sticky notes, and quarters. Learn more in our full article for this Plink DIY!


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