A Snow White Movie Night: 5 Easy Disney Party Ideas

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs—the one that started it all as the first full-length animated feature from Disney. Take your family back to the beginning with a Snow White movie night. These easy games and festivities will help you turn your movie night into a family memory that fosters real family connection!

5 Snow White party ideas and downloads

Download this party set, which includes the jewel banner sheet, Poison Apple game and instructions, and five page quotes.

 Downloadable Poison Apple Basket game from Family F.E.D.

#1: Easy Game—Poison Apple Basket

Our downloadable Poison Apple Basket game invites you to collect matching-colored apples from a basket to win. It's not as easy as it looks when you have to pick up the apples with your eyes closed, by bouncing balls on them, or with the need for a strong memory. But beware of poison apples that can make you lose your turn until first love’s kiss breaks the spell! You can even come up with your own variations, like trying to pick an apple backward while facing away from the game board! What twists will your family invent? Share in the comments below.

How to Play Poison Apple Basket game

Tip: Give yourself about 10 minutes to cut out the printed pieces and tape the board together. If you use clear tape for the board, you can still fold the pieces over one another at the end, but they may not fit as nicely in a page protector for your family activity binder. For an easily removable solution, try using painter’s tape so you can easily stack all the board pieces afterward. Store all the apple pieces in a baggie.

Use punches to make round apples

Tip: To make the apples more challenging to pick up, punch them into circles using a 1.5" punch. (I used the one from this set in the Game Pantry.)


#2: Décor—Jewel Banner

Let the seven dwarfs bring home a jewel-themed banner to hang above the TV. Just print and cut these gemstones, connect them with yarn or string, and you’re set!

Downloadable jewel or gemstone pennant banner in Snow White colors

Downloadable jewel or gemstone pennant banner in Snow White colors


#3: Craft—Jewel Crayons

These jewel-themed silicone molds (one pack or two pack) are perfect for making fun crayons. Simply remove the paper from the crayons, break them into small pieces, and put them in the mold.

Create gemstone or jewel crayon shapes using melted crayons in a silicone mold

Melting broken crayons into fun jewel shapes

I heated mine for five minutes on a large plate in the microwave (to keep the mold flat once the crayons are melted). I then added a few more small chunks of crayon to fill the shape to the top of the mold and repeated the process. The plate and mold will be very hot when you’re done, so wear oven mitts.

Tip: I tried using crayons from the dollar store, but they didn’t melt. Go for the Crayola brand.

Tip: I tried using these molds with Jell-O as well, but they did not work.  Ha! It would have looked amazing, but the molds just can’t maintain their shape with a soft food.


#4: Treat—Jewel Rings

There’s no need to make anything extra crafty, because Ring Pops are already a perfect Snow White treat! Easy peasy. You can find them here.

Ring Pops make a great treat for a Snow White party


#5: Conversation Starter—Talking with Your Kids about Individual Worth

If you think about it, Snow White’s forest adventure all started because the queen was focused on comparison. She allowed her value to be defined by being the fairest of them all. How much more amazing life is when we realize that we already have divine worth as children of God. We don’t have to prove that worth to anyone else but can just focus on being our very best selves and helping others around us see how incredible they are, too! Consider taking a few minutes to talk with your family about their great worth. Then you can use these quotes to hang on the fridge, bathroom mirror, or bedroom closet to remind them each day of what they can do to change the world by the wonderful, unique individuals they are!

How to talk to your kids about their worth with quotes from or related to Snow White



Why This Activity Matters

Spending time together watching a movie is great, but how much does it really help you get to know one another? Spending a little extra time interacting before or after the movie can turn family time into quality bonding time with a fun theme and a natural reason for conversation.


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