Backward Ball Drop—Fun Game for Talking about Teamwork

Backward Ball Drop by Family FED

This team game will have you laughing while helping refine your communication skills (and your motor skills, too)!


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What You’ll Need


How to Play

1. Place several Ping-Pong balls in a bowl; place a second bowl (empty) next to it.

Fill one bowl with Ping-Pong balls and place an empty bowl next to it in the Backward Ball Drop game.


2. Player 1 turns away from the bowl and uses chopsticks to pick up a ball from the first bowl and move it to the second bowl. Player 2 provides guidance by telling player 1 how to move.

Move balls from one bowl to the next with chopsticks in Backward Ball Drop team game by Family FED


3. Win by moving three balls to the second bowl.

Three balls in the second bowl wins the Backward Ball Drop team game by Family F.E.D.



1. Compete with multiple teams against each other.
2. Try moving different objects between the bowls (You can create these cubes from our downloadable Cube Crash game! Cubes are easier to move than balls.)

Use different objects for the game, like these cubes from the downloadable Cube Crash game

3. Use your nondominant hand (still a challenge) instead of chopsticks; move bowls apart.

Make the Backward Ball Drop game easier by using hands instead of chopsticks.

4. Put a sticker on one ball in the bottom of the bowl. Earn an extra point for moving it.

Add a sticker to one of the balls for extra points in the Backward Ball Drop by Family FED


Conversation Starter

Sometimes others can see what we can’t or may have knowledge that we don’t. Talk about how working together helps us accomplish things we can’t always do on our own or how it can help us do them better with others.


Why This Activity Matters

This game encourages team-building skills, especially in communication. It also helps refine your motor skills by using them in ways you don’t typically use them (backward!).


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