Birthday Party Escape Room DIY—Best Birthday Party Game for Teens, Kids, and Adults

Birthday Party Escape Room DIY—Best Birthday Party Game for Teens, Kids, and Adults

This DIY Birthday Party Escape Room is great for older children, teens, and adults! This activity serves as the party theme and activity all in one! And you can use it to help reveal where the birthday cake or party favors are hidden!

This Birthday Party Escape Room (get the download here) provides clues and setup instructions for six puzzles with two bonus clues! See how to put it together in the video below.

The escape room is best for groups of 4–8, though you can play with smaller groups by helping with a few hints if needed (you can also be ready with hints for younger groups). This PDF provides all the printables you'll need.

Additional Supplies (Most of Which You Can Use Again for Other Future Escape Rooms)

You'll also need the following supplies; links are Amazon affiliate links, and items without links are cheaper at stores like Walmart.

• “Birthday Party” Escape Room printable PDF from

• Three lockable treasure chests. (I went ahead and bought the set of 6 treasure chests, though, because we’ll be doing more escape rooms in the future and this set is more cost effective.)

Lockout hasp 

• Small hair elastic

• 6 changeable three-digit locks

• Balloons

• Thin magnets (free promotional fridge magnets work great, too)

• Birthday confetti (optional)

• Strong neodymium bar magnet

2 lock-and-key sets (we use this set of six locks since we use them for other escape rooms as well)

• 5–10 gift bags (3 with gift tags)

Invisible ink pen

Blacklight flashlight (if your invisible ink pen doesn’t have one)

Hole punch

• String

• Cupcakes

Colored muffin cup liners

• Colored birthday candles

• Cake stand (optional)

LED and string lights (optional for ambiance)


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  • Lisa on

    I am having trouble getting the numbers to line up on the cipher cake.

  • Jen on

    Love the birthday party escape room idea. Looks like the treasure boxes are no longer available. I cannot find any others on amazon that lock like those. Any ideas?

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