Crazy Golf—Easy Summer Party Game for Family Reunions and Family Game Night

Crazy Golf—Easy Summer Party Game for Family Reunions and Family Game Night!

This easy outdoor game is perfect for summer play, family game night, and family reunions! Bring the best of your favorite sports together with crazy golf! Find any sports equipment you have—from tennis to baseball to Frisbee, and turn them into crazy combinations that you need to use together to hit the golf “hole” (we use an extra shoe). For example, use a tennis racket to hit a playground ball, or use a bat to send a Frisbee flying.

What are your favorite crazy-golf combos? Let us know in the comments below!

Conversation Starter—Talking with Your Kids and Teens about peer pressure, disappointment, worry, and inadequacy. This game is a great way to show that there are basic patterns in life we can follow, regardless of what circumstances we’re given; here, we’re still using one object to get another object to a specified location. Sure, everything we’re given seems new, but our purpose, goal, and method of getting to the destination are still the same. You can use this game to talk with your children and teens about dealing with unexpected circumstances in the same way. When we learn basic patterns for coping with peer pressure, disappointment, worry, and inadequacy, for instance—and practice those patterns—then we’re better prepared to respond rather than react to them when we face them in the future.

Why This Matters

Developing a vocabulary for dealing with situations can help your family remember how to handle those situations best. With this game and accompanying conversation, when your children or teens face an unexpected circumstance in the future, you don’t have to jump into a big conversation if they don’t want to; you can simply say, “It sounds like a good time to play golf with a tennis racket.” Then this object-lesson game can remind them to be flexible and turn to the basic patterns you’ve discussed.

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