Dice Drop—Dollar Tree DIY Dice Game for Home, Road Trips, Car Games, and Party Games

Dice Drop—Dollar Tree DIY Dice Game for Home, Road Trips, Car Games, and Party Games

This Dollar Tree DIY game is great for car games, road trips, or any play at home. It’s a fabulous boredom buster for teens and a great party game with adults! To play the Dice Drop game, just grab a clear acrylic beauty organizer and a set of dice from the Dollar Tree. Then play this Dice Drop game in one of these two fun ways:

1. Tip the acrylic case sideways and place a die in the top row. Try to slide the die forward and then catch it in the row below. Repeat until you reach the bottom row!

2. Hold the acrylic case upright and place a die in the top spot. Then try to bounce it from one row to the next until you reach the bottom.

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