Frisbee Basketball—a Perfect Summer Game for an Easy Family Activity

Frisbee basketball easy family game for summer, outdoor play, and screen-free time

Looking for an easy but fun family activity to enjoy outside this summer with little prep time? Try a fresh twist on a classic game by playing basketball with a Frisbee! Play with normal rules, just passing the Frisbee instead; if the Frisbee touches the ground, anyone can pick it up for their team. You can also play Frisbee basketball with the rules of H-O-R-S-E. You could even try a version of lightning/knockout/elimination (the game goes by many names!). However you play, it’s sure to bring endless fun!

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Conversation Starter

Sometimes we become accustomed to seeing things one way—such as only throwing a basketball into a basketball hoop. But when we look with a new perspective, like bringing a Frisbee into the mix, we see that there are many other adventures to explore. Is there something in your life that can be blessed by a fresh take?

Why This Matters

Summer can start to feel long, and your kids may be looking for a new adventure. Don’t feel like you have to spend lots of money to take them to a new place every day or week. Just find simple twists like this to create a new experience from objects you already have around home!


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