Good Fruit, Bad Fruit—Free Downloadable Game to Teach about Spreading Goodness

Good Fruit Bad Fruit free downloadable game from Family FED

In this cooperative game, make sure you keep the trees pruned well so the garden is filled with good fruit.

Freed downloadable game for Jacob 5 allegory of the tame and olive wild tree

What You’ll Need

Example game board for Good Fruit Bad Fruit game by Family F.E.D.

How to Play

1. Randomly deal seven fruit cards to each player. Then mix all cards together in a draw pile.
2. Each round, players draw a card and play it according to the rules below. All cards except for Pruning Sheer cards must be placed as soon as they are drawn. You can play cards on others’ trees to help them.
3. If any tree has four Root cards or seven Bad Fruit cards, the tree dies. Everyone wins when all trees are filled only with good fruit.

 Cards available in Good Fruit, Bad Fruit free downloadable game by Family F.E.D.

Rules of Each Card

1. Good Fruit (orange): Replace any Bad Fruit card.
2. Bad Fruit (gray): Replace any Good Fruit card unless you have a Pruning Sheer card, which cancels out the Bad Fruit.
3. Root (no fruit): Strengthen the tree roots. However, you cannot have more than three Root cards per tree or it overpowers the fruit. Use a Pruning Sheer card to prevent a fourth Root card from being placed.

4. Pruning Sheer: Prevent any Bad Fruit or Root card from being placed on the tree. This card can be saved for future turns but must be discarded when used.

Conversation Starter: Just like a tree can have good and bad fruit, the world has both good and bad. When we work together, we can help fill the world with good fruit and keep it strong. What can you do to help bring extra goodness into the world?

Why This Activity Matters

What better way to talk about bringing good to the world than with a cooperative game that shows how we can work together to accomplish great things?! It’s also important to teach optimism and remind everyone that no matter what bad stories we may hear on the news, there is always so much more good news happening each day!

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