Guess Who Is Grateful! An Easy Thanksgiving Party Game

Guess Who Is Grateful Thanksgiving Party Game

These little slips of paper may not look like much, but I love pulling them out at Thanksgiving every year. I treasure them as a little piece of my family’s story.

A few years ago, I wanted to bring a twist to the Thanksgiving dinner tradition of having everyone take turns around the table sharing something they’re grateful for—and all it took was a little piece of paper to make it extra special. I cut the paper into strips and gave a few strips to each person. I invited them to write down an event or experience they were thankful for. Then we put the papers in a bowl, and everyone took turns pulling one paper out of the bowl, reading it, and then trying to guess who wrote it. Our “Guess Who Is Grateful” game ended up bringing lots of smiles and laughter as we relived memories—and it brought a beautiful perspective on what recent events had been most meaningful to each person (a helpful insight to know what to plan for the next year). 

It’s simple to add to the list each year—just write the year and name of the author on the back of each paper strip to help keep your collection of memories easy to remember.

It’s amazing how a simple piece of paper each year can create a family heirloom. Perhaps one day I’ll make a little decor piece with them, but for now, this simple approach and these simple slips of paper fill my heart with joy.

What are your favorite ways to record your family’s expressions of gratitude each November?

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