How to Create a Fun Halloween Party DIY Escape Room: "Goblin Tricks and Treats" (A Trick-or-Treat Alternative)

How to Create the Perfect Halloween Escape Room: Goblin Tricks and Treats (A Trick-or-Treat Alternative)

Whether you’re looking for a trick-or-treat alternative, a teen Halloween party idea, or a great Halloween adventure for adults, our “Goblin Tricks and Treats” Halloween Escape Room will be an evening nobody will forget! I’ve made it super easy to know how to create this Halloween escape room with our printable clues, step-by-step instructions, and even a video tutorial to walk you through the process. All of the supplies are listed below and categorized by where to buy them. This easy DIY escape room will take your Halloween celebration to the next level for anybody ages 8 and up! (Stay tuned next week for an adventure designed for younger children!)

As a bonus, many of the supplies can be reused, so we’ll be creating more fun escape rooms you can DIY in no time with these locks and treasure chests in the future! 


Purchase the complete set of PRINTABLE PDFs here.


Supplies (Categorized by Store)

• Printables for the “Goblin Tricks and Treats” Halloween escape room

 How to Create the Perfect Halloween Escape Room: Goblin Tricks and Treats


• Two lockable treasure chests. (I went ahead and bought the set of 6 treasure chests, though, because we’ll be doing more escape rooms in the future and this set is more cost effective. The set of six will ship faster if you're in a time crunch.)

• Lockout hasp

• 4 small, strong magnets (This set ships faster in a time crunch.)

Lock with a key (We used this set because we plan to use it for more escape rooms in the future, but you could also get a lock and key at the Dollar Tree.)

3-digit combination locks—set of 8 (We use six locks in this escape room.)

Invisible ink pen (This set ships faster in a time crunch.)

• UV blacklight flashlight

Pumpkin stickers

Googly eyes

• Dry-erase marker (Or find one at the dollar store.)

• Sharpie (black)

• LED-color-changing string lights or purple string lights for ambiance if desired (we had both)


Dollar Tree

• Halloween book(s)

• Glass pumpkin or glass candy jar that resembles a pumpkin


Grocery Superstore

• Candy corn

• Orange paint (or find it on Amazon here)

• Paint in one other color

• Green poster board

• Brownie mix

• Twinkies

• Ghost marshmallows (optional)


Around Home

• Small hair tie

• Glass jar

• Additional Halloween decor if desired

• Notepad and pen

All the steps you need to put together this easy DIY escape room are in the printable PDF! We hope you have so much fun with this festive Halloween party!


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  • Tracie on

    I also had a question on the escape room. Just trying to see how the kids will know what to do once the first clue is solved and in what order? Similar to question from Jessica in the comments!

  • Jessica Pelletier on

    Just purchased the pdf and everything needed but nothing in the instructions show how they will know what order to solve. You also list the book clue right after the introduce yourself clue, but they wouldnt have found the flashlight yet so we have to jump to the end and work backwards? Im trying to do a trial run so it goes smoothly for the party but I’m getting more confused as i go. Please help.

  • Ella on

    Thanks for pulling this together. We used it for our 11 year old and 9 year old tonight for Halloween instead of being able to trick or treat. They had a blast! They’d never done an escape room before so needed some help with how to figure out what were clues etc, but they got into it and want to do more!

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