Life Savers Lightsabers Ultimate Star Wars Party Game with DIY Candy Lightsabers Tutorial

DIY Life Savers Lightsabers candy lightsabers and Star Wars party game for an epic Star Wars battle on Star Wars day

Our Life Savers Lightsabers game is a can’t-miss party ideas for Star Wars Day or any Star Wars party! (May the 4th be with you!). And it all starts with making DIY candy Life Savers lightsabers!


• Skewer sticks

• Craft sticks

Life Savers

• Mini marshmallows

• Rubber bands

• Sunglasses or safety goggles


DIY Life Savers Lightsabers Instructions

To create your DIY Life Savers Lightsabers:

1. Place a popsicle stick perpendicular to the skewer stick a few inches from the pointed end of the skewer; secure it in place by wrapping a rubber band around it in multiple directions. Cover the pointed end of the skewer stick with a thin layer of tape for safety.

2. Add mini marshmallows to the bottom to create a fun handle! (Just note they can get a little sticky while playing.) 

3. Add Life Savers to the top of the skewer stick in your desired lightsaber color. 


How to Play

1. Because things can get a little wild, pair up for safety rather than having everyone play against each other. Wear sunglasses or eye goggles for eye protection as well.

2. At the start of play, each person in the pair tries to knock off all the Life Savers from the other person’s lightsaber. As soon as someone wins, they keep their Life Savers lightsabers with the number of Life Savers they had on it when they defeated their opponent.

3. Continue to pair up winners—with their remaining Life Savers on their lightsabers—until one person becomes the ultimate Life Savers Lightsabers champion!



Refill the lightsabers between rounds so players always start the round with a full lightsaber.


Conversation Starter

In this game, you need to strategize both offensive and defensive at the same time. How can you strategize against potential bad influences in your life in the same way?


Why This Matters

Little traditions, like celebrating Star Wars Day, create extra memories that will last through the years!


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