"Lightning Letters" Word Game for Families, Parties, or Solo Play

Lightning Letters word game for families, parties, and solo play

Four stacks. Twenty cards. It’s a race against the clock to spell words to move your cards to the center before your opponents.

 How to play Lightning Letters game by Family FED

Download a PDF of this activity’s “recipe” to add to your family activity binder.


What You’ll Need

• The Ultimate Letter Card Game Deck from FamilyFED.com

 Ultimate Letter Card Game Deck by Family FED

How to Play

1. Each player uses a deck of letter cards. They place five cards facedown in four stacks and turn the top cards over. Remaining cards form a stack in their hand.

Create four stacks of five cards.
2. When play begins, players try to form words of three letters or more with the cards in their stacks. When needed, they can flip over the top card in their hand until they find a letter to work with their stacks. When they can form a word, they move those cards to the center and flip over the top card on any open stacks.

Play cards into the center when words are formed.
3. Players can also form words using cards in the center as long as their cards form words with all letters they touch.

Players play on words in the center.
4. The first player to move all cards from their stacks into the center wins.



Play five rounds. After one player goes out each round, players score the number of cards in their stacks. The lowest score after five rounds wins.

Play Lightning Letters solo play.


Solo Play

This game is easily adapted for single play. Simply time yourself each round and see if you can beat your record.


Conversation Starter

It’s important to keep your mind active with brain exercises, as with this game. How else can you help your brain build new connections in your daily routines?


Why This Activity Matters

This game blends learning and play in a beautiful combination of fun!


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 Ultimate Letter Card Game Deck

The Ultimate Letter Card Game Deck

If you want to play a game with letter cards, The Ultimate Letter Card Game Deck (download it here) brings you endless possibilities! The card decks include:

  • Seven different colors for multiple players
  • Color options for games with color requirements
  • Three cards per color with each vowel and two cards per color with other frequently used letters and scoring
  • Six double-letter combos to create more interesting game rules
  • A scoring system on the cards for games allowing extra points when players use more difficult letters in a word; any letter without a number on it is worth only one point
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