NAIL a Love Note for Dad + 30 Tool-Themed Expressions of Love and Gratitude


Special Notes for Dad and Grandpa on Father's Day + 30 Tool-Themed Notes for Dad or Grandpa

When something in the home needs fixing, Dad or Grandpa is on the way with his tools to help make the repairs. You thank him verbally for all he does, and this activity adds another fun way to let Dad know how much you appreciate him. And it’s so simple! Just find a permanent marker and write notes of love and thanks on his go-to tools. Every time he pulls out his hammer or screwdriver, he will be reminded how very much you love him. And it may just make it a little more enjoyable for him to make the needed repairs.

Need ideas for themed notes? Try these 30 tool-themed expressions of love and gratitude for Dad and Grandpa.


• You’ve really NAILED the dad role!

• Thanks for always HAMMERING away at work to provide for our family.

• Thanks for teaching us how to be as tough as NAILS.

• Thanks for always helping us NAIL down the best choices in life.

• Mom sure hit the NAIL on the HEAD when she found you!


• Thanks for helping us problem-solve when there’s a WRENCH in things.

• Thanks for being ADJUSTABLE when a WRENCH in our plans comes up. (For an adjustable wrench.)

• Any moment without you is gut-WRENCHING because of how much we love you!


• You can always DRIVE home the punch line on jokes!

• You have a way of DRIVING home the truths we need to know.

• You know how to PHILLIP our lives with joy!

• We FLAT out love you!


• You know the DRILL—we love you more than anything!

• Let’s DRILL down to what’s most important—how grateful we are for you.

• Let’s DRILL down to what’s most important—how much we love you.

Stud Finder:

• Thanks for always FINDING the right words to say.

• Thanks for helping us FIND our way through life.

• You are the world’s greatest FIND, and we’re so lucky to have you!


• We’re grateful you can stay LEVEL-headed in tough times.

• Thanks for helping us LEVEL up in our lives!

• On the LEVEL, you’re the best dad we could ever ask for!

• Even with a LEVEL playing field, no other dad is as amazing as you!

Wire cutters, utility blades, and hobby knives: 

• You’re a CUT above the rest!

• Let’s CUT to the chase: you’re amazing!

• You’re such a CUT-up, and we love how much you make us laugh!

• The decision is clean-CUT: you’re the best dad we could ever ask for!

Tape measure:

• On a dad scale of 1–10, you MEASURE a 20!

• Thanks for helping us MEASURE up to more than we ever could on our own.

• Our love for you is beyond MEASURE.

• For good MEASURE, we want you to know how much we love you!


Conversation Starter

It often doesn’t take much to let others know we love them. What else can we do to show others we care? Who may need a little extra show of love today?

Why This Matters

It’s easy to let the routine duties in family life go unnoticed. (When was the last time you heard a lot of praise for doing the dishes or putting the laundry away?) So, finding a way to show love and appreciation for these little things can go a long way.

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