Melting Marshmallows Engineering Challenge—Fun STEM Game with Food

Melting Marshmallow Engineering Challenge by Family F.E.D.

Melt away the homework blues with this activity that combines a classic treat with educational fun!

Instructions for how to play Melting Marshmallows Engineering Challenge.STEM. by Family FED Download a PDF of this activity’s “recipe” to add to your family activity binder.

 What You’ll Need

  • Mini marshmallows
  • Hot chocolate
  • Rounded toothpicks
  • Mugs

 How to Play

Build a floating marshmallow structure on hot chocolate

1. Create floating structures with marshmallows and toothpicks.
2. Fill a mug for each player with hot chocolate.

Let marshmallows melt in hot chocolate for this easy engineering STEM project

3. Place structures in hot chocolate; let them melt.

Easy STEM with marshmallows

4. The player whose final marshmallow is last to touch the hot chocolate wins!

    Important Safety Note

    Count the number of marshmallows used for each structure. Before drinking the hot chocolate, count to make sure all toothpicks are removed from the cup, as some may hide at the bottom. Do not let anyone drink the hot chocolate until all toothpicks are counted and removed.


    Use bowls or ramekins if necessary for wider engineered marshmallow structures

    1. If your mugs are too thin, use a bowl or ramekin to fit wider structures.

    Marshmallows and toothpicks used for marshmallow engineering STEM project

    2. Limit the number of marshmallows or toothpicks that players can use.

    Conversation Starter

    Rather than letting marshmallows melt completely, remove the structures from the mugs after two minutes. For comparison, have a mug where the marshmallows go straight into the hot chocolate (no structure). How did the marshmallows do when they worked together vs. alone? Talk about how we gain strength by working together. Whom can you help?

    Why This Activity Matters

    It’s important to introduce your kids to new fields of study. Do you have a budding engineer in your family who doesn’t know it yet? This game may help you find out! Either way, it’s a fun and simple way to start teaching basic STEM skills.
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