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I couldn’t be more pleased that you’re joining the Family F.E.D. community! Everything here is focused on making it easy for you to create and enjoy quality family time—to strengthen your family’s relationships and help everyone play together (at ALL ages!), grow, serve, create, and laugh. Just like you make sure to feed your family breakfast, lunch, and dinner to keep your children fed, we believe you can keep your family unit—as a whole—F.E.D. through family Fun Every Day! The acronym provides the purpose for our content.

Why “Recipes”?

Just like meal plans provide food recipes to help busy parents plan dinner, Family F.E.D. provides “recipes” for play and creativity to plan quality family time, or, as I like to call it, the #FunMeal, each day. A daily fun planner with the structure and materials laid out makes family fun a reality in today’s busy world. Each recipe spells out the supplies needed, approximate prep and play time, instructions, and tips. Family F.E.D. does the work so you can do the play.

4 easy steps to create successful family time

4 Easy Steps to Successful Family Time

You can create successful family time with just a few minutes each day—our ideas can help make it happen. But if you want to establish a tried-and-true system, these four tips will help make quality family time even more of a cinch using Family F.E.D. recipes: 

Create a family activity binder from Family F.E.D.

  1. Create a “family time” binder that’s easily accessible to your kids. Just a simple three-ring binder works great—no need to make it complicated or dress it up, though you can use one of these free printable covers if you’d like. Put your favorite recipes from the site in there as you play them—with any notes of your favorite adaptations—so you’ve always got family fun ideas within arm’s reach. The best part is that the binder (full of ideas you add from our site) doesn’t require much space, so it’s a great solution even for minimalist families!

  1. Establish a game pantry. I’m a fan of minimalist living, so the more we can make a few supplies go a long way, the better! As a result, you’ll find that there are a few key things I think ARE valuable to keep on hand for a myriad of uses. Think of them as the flour, eggs, and sugar of family game time! They make it easy for your kids to grab your Family F.E.D. binder and easily access basic supplies to start playing right away.

See what we recommend for your game pantry.


  1. Sign up for our free weekly newsletter to get previews of upcoming activity ideas and needed supplies so you can have them ready when the Family F.E.D. post goes up each day. Just like with a meal plan, you’re more likely to create quality family time—just like a quality dinner—when you can have all the supplies on hand and don’t have to decide what’s for dinner or realize at the last minute that you don’t have a key ingredient. Our free weekly newsletter gives you the heads up you need to increase your chance of successful family time, and it quickly links you to any products you may need or helps you know what to grab from your game pantry!



  1. Share what types of content you want to see. Family F.E.D. is all about supporting YOU! So if there’s a particular topic you’d like to see covered, just send a DM on Instagram (@familyfed) or email with “Topic Idea” in the subject line.


Again, welcome! We are so pleased you’re here! For more ideas on creating meaningful family time, check out our top tips for quality family time.

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