Rolling Flag Marbles DIY Game—Easy Fourth of July Party Game (Dollar Tree DIY)

Rolling Flag Marble Game—Easy DIY Fourth of July Party Games for Kids, Teens, and Families

Create a festive Fourth of July party game for kids, teens, or families using a grill tray from the Dollar Tree and red, white, and blue marbles. Keep it simple for kids with just 1–3 marbles in the tray, or make it extra advanced for older players using all 30 marbles! 

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Grill tray from the Dollar Tree

• Red, white, and blue marbles (I used plastic marbles from this Chinese Checkers game)

• Red, white, and blue acrylic paint

How to Play

Here’s how to prepare and play:

1. Paint the grill tray red, white, and blue with acrylic paint; let dry. I created one stripe for every two rows of holes. Tip: Paint the tray on a nonstick surface since paint will go through the holes; you’ll need to wipe off the paint from the surface and the bottom of the grill tray after it dries.

2. Place the red, white, and blue marbles inside the grill tray. Roll them around until they all land in a hole of their matching color; if they land in the wrong color, knock them out of their hole to keep them in play.

3. Let everyone take turns playing, or time everyone to see who can do it the fastest. 

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