Simple Joys: Seeing the Magic in the Clouds

Simple joys—seeing the magic in the clouds

Did you know that April 14th is National Look at the Sky Day? While it makes it seem like there’s a holiday for everything these days, I quite like the idea of this day! I love the chance it provides to sit back, simply be together, talk, and maybe even find some fun shapes or animals in the clouds as they pass by! Take time today to watch the clouds in the sky. And if it’s too cold to be outdoors or if you don’t have any clouds in the sky, try this idea: toss cotton balls onto the table and see what shapes you can find in them! Take turns tossing the cotton balls to come up with different looks each time! Can you spot the animal and heart in this mix?

Cotton ball cloud shapes

For an easy art project with younger kids, you could even have them glue cotton balls to blue paper in their favorite animal shape.


Conversation Starter: What simple joys are your favorite?



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