“Stuck in the Middle” Bouncy Ball and Cup Game for Parties and Family Game Night

“Stuck in the Middle” Bouncy Ball and Cup Game for Parties and Family Game Night

This easy game using just a bouncy ball and cups is a simple and quick solution for screen-free play for kids, teens, and families. Pay it alone, with a few family members, or as a party game in a large group! The variations of play in the video have a solution for any size!


Plastic cups

• Bouncy balls

Both of these items are from our “game pantry”—our handful of main ingredients for endless play. You can find even more games using items just from our game pantry.


How to Play

1. Place two cups upside-down on the table. Place a bouncy ball on top of one cup.

2. Bounce the ball onto the table and try to catch it between the bottom of the two cups so it’s “stuck in the middle.”



1. Try a two-ball game. Place one ball on each cup. When they bounce, catch one inside of a cup and then get the other one stuck in the middle.


2. For group play, start by having everyone try to get the ball “stuck in the middle” in a series of rounds of play until only one person is left. For the first round, give everyone five bounces to get their ball stuck in the middle; if they make it, they move to the next round. In the next round, they have four tries, then three, two, and one in the subsequent rounds. The last person standing wins!


3. Try team play and see if you can have one person bounce it off an object while the other person tries to get it stuck in the middle.


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Conversation Starter

Learning how to cope with pressure or problem-solve when you feel stuck in between a rock and a hard place is an important skill. What are your best strategies for moving forward when you feel stuck?


Why This Matters

This game is great for last-minute ideas with no prep time needed—it makes quality family time a success without much planning! This game is also a great way to build motor skills for children.

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