Target Dollar-Spot Cake Stand DIY Game: “Upside-down Cake Bounce”

Target Dollar Spot Cake Stand DIY Game: “Upside-down Cake Bounce”

If you love the Target Dollar Spot and Bullseye's Playground as much as I do, then I imagine you have a Target cake stand or two (or more) at home! So I decided to incorporate them into a DIY game—the “Upside-down Cake Bounce!” It’s super easy with some bouncy balls (we like these bouncy balls from Amazon) and allows for level-up challenges as well. See our three versions for three styles of cake stands in the video, and leave a comment below of other adaptations you come up with!

And if you’re an avid Target Dollar Spot fan like I am, see if you can spot all the Target items in my video (I didn’t realize how many Target items were here until editing the video, ha!); I show the results at the end of the video!

Conversation Starter

This game is a great reminder that we can always find a silver lining even when events seem to turn our life upside down.

Why This Matters

Not only is this game fun (so fun!) but it’s also a great game for developing fine motor skills.

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Target Dollar Spot Cake Stand DIY Game: “Upside-down Cake Bounce”



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