About Family F.E.D.

About Family F.E.D. founder, Brittany

Welcome to Family F.E.D., where the F.E.D. initials makes it easy for your family to have fun every day! Just like busy parents use meal planners to help make healthy dinner a success, Family F.E.D. gives you daily “recipe” plans for fun that make quality family time easy. While physical meals help you feed the individuals in your family, Family F.E.D. helps you create the #FunMeal that feeds your FAMILY UNIT as a whole. It’s a simple, new approach that revolutionizes how easy it is to create QUALITY FAMILY TIME each day to: 

  • build family CONNECTION, 
  • foster GROWTH, and 
  • create lasting MEMORIES.

I’m Brittany, the creator of Family F.E.D. I am passionate about family, and my favorite titles are daughter, sister, and aunt.I believe that as we strengthen families, we strengthen societies, and I love sharing ideas that build true family connections. I’ve always thought that playing games together brings a bond that can’t be created in any other way, where everyone can let go of worries and feel comfortable letting their true selves shine—and where unforgettable laughter and memories are made.

I may also have the world’s largest board game collection. ;) I love board games. In fact, every birthday and Christmas since I was a child, I’ve asked for games! Board games are the only category of objects in my home that I can’t get rid of with the Marie Kondo method. Ha! But really, it’s true. They ALL spark joy!

I’m also a Christian, so you’ll see me talk about Christian principles in some of our posts, particularly in the “Talk with Teens and Kids about . . .” posts that are centered on teaching children important values and principles. Whether you’re Christian or not, your voice is welcome on these posts to see how the activities might apply to your beliefs. I just ask that everyone is respectful of each other's beliefs. If you want to learn more about what I believe, you can read more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints here.

I already love that we have something very important in common—we love our families and want to strengthen them! That’s a pretty great bond we share. I can’t wait to join with you on this journey as we take time to make quality family time happen each day—or at least several times a week! Together, we’re going to change the world!

If you want to change the world and bring it peace, “go home and love your family.” —Mother Teresa