The Ultimate Letter Card Game Deck
The Ultimate Letter Card Game Deck
The Ultimate Letter Card Game Deck
The Ultimate Letter Card Game Deck
The Ultimate Letter Card Game Deck
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The Ultimate Letter Card Game Deck

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If you want to play a game with letter cards, The Ultimate Letter Card Game Deck brings you endless possibilities! The card decks include:

  • Seven different colors for multiple players
  • Color options for games with color requirements
  • Three cards per color with each vowel and two cards per color with other frequently used letters and scoring
  • Six double-letter combos to create more interesting game rules
  • A scoring system on the cards for games allowing extra points when players use more difficult letters in a word; any letter without a number on it is worth only one point
  • Letters showing in two directions on the cards, allowing for easier reading on both sides of the table (Genius!)
  • Two blank cards per color that can be used as wilds or to create more double-letter combos or letters in other languages

Play: For game ideas using these letter cards, see our Family F.E.D. collection of easy word games for families, teens, kids, and parties.

Store: Place a rubber band around each deck of colored cards, then place all seven stacks into a quart-size plastic bag. (Rubber bands and plastic bags are not included in this digital-only product.)

What’s Included:

  • Seven colored sets of letter cards (53 letter cards per color).

NOTE: This is an all-digital product PDF download; you will be able to download it from a link after purchase and print it at home. The download is for use in one household only. To help support Family F.E.D., please do not share or redistribute the file. We hope you love this game and that all your family and friends do, too! If they do (yay!), please remember that they should purchase new copies for their own households to honor its copyright. Happy playing!