“Mischievous Turkeys” Thanksgiving Escape Room—the Best Thanksgiving Party Idea for Family Fun!
“Mischievous Turkeys” Thanksgiving Escape Room—the Best Thanksgiving Party Idea for Family Fun!
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.Thanksgiving Escape Room—the “Mischievous Turkeys” Thanksgiving Party

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While your family is waiting for the Thanksgiving turkey to cook, make the day extra memorable using our at-home DIY Thanksgiving escape room with a fun twist: nobody can eat the feast until everyone solves the puzzles to get back the silverware from the mischievous turkeys! Our printable PDF contains seven puzzles that participants must solve for this “Mischievous Turkeys” escape room. After you download and print the PDF, we’ll walk you step-by-step through setting up the room so you can pull it off with ease and so everyone in the family can enjoy family bonding and creative thinking to solve the escape room in this unforgettable Thanksgiving party!

This escape room is best for ages 10–110, but we have adaptations for the two most complex puzzles to make this accessible for children as young as around 7 if teens or adults are playing with them. See a list of additional supplies you'll want to gather to complete the room after printing the PDF.

As a bonus, many of the supplies can be reused, so we’ll be creating more fun escape rooms you can DIY in no time with these locks and treasure chests in the future! 



NOTE: This is an all-digital product PDF download; you will be able to download it from a link after purchase and print it at home. The download is for use in one household only. To help support Family F.E.D., please do not share or redistribute the file. We hope you love this game and that all your family and friends do, too! If they do (yay!), please remember that they should purchase new copies for their own households to honor its copyright. Happy playing!