“Mischievous Turkeys” Thanksgiving Escape Room—the Best Thanksgiving Party Idea for Family Fun!

Thanksgiving DIY escape room for the perfect Thanksgiving party with family games

While your family is waiting for the Thanksgiving turkey to cook, make the day extra memorable using our at-home DIY Thanksgiving escape room with a fun twist: nobody can eat the feast until everyone solves the puzzles to get back the silverware from the mischievous turkeys! Our printable PDF contains seven puzzles that participants must solve for this “Mischievous Turkeys” escape room. After you download and print the PDF, we’ll walk you step-by-step through setting up the room so you can pull it off with ease and so everyone in the family can enjoy family bonding and creative thinking to solve the escape room in this unforgettable Thanksgiving party! 

This escape room is best for ages 10–110, but we have adaptations for the two most complex puzzles to make this accessible for children as young as around 7 if teens or adults are playing with them.

In addition to the printable PDF, you’ll need to gather the following supplies. If you enjoyed our Halloween escape room, you likely have some of the supplies on hand already! And you’ll find some of the supplies returning for our Christmas escape room coming soon as well!


• “Mischievous Turkeys” Thanksgiving Escape Room printable PDF from FamilyFED.com

• Two lockable treasure chests. (I went ahead and bought the set of 6 treasure chests, though, because we’ll be doing more escape rooms in the future and this set is more cost effective.)

Lockout hasp with room for six padlocks

• Hair elastic or rubber band

• Double Stuf Oreo cookies

• Pretzel sticks

• Honey (drop)

• Toothpicks

• 1.5” circle punch (optional)

• Scissors

• 6 changeable coded locks with three digits each

• Painter’s tape

• 2 lock-and-key sets (we use this set of six locks)

• 3 tissues

• Styrofoam half ball (4” or larger) (you can probably get it for less at Walmart)

Neodymium bar magnet

• 6 brown paper lunch sacks

• 1 sheet of cardstock

• Green poster board (optional)

• Green marker (optional)

• Notepad and pen



Supplies for adaptations for younger children:

Invisible ink pen

• UV blacklight flashlight 


We can’t wait for you to get started on your Thanksgiving escape room for the best Thanksgiving party!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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