"10 Things I Know Are True" Journaling Prompt—an Easy Way to Record Part of Your Family's History

10 Things I Know Are True—Easy Journaling Prompts for Family History

We know the importance of standing for the beliefs we know are true. But sometimes it can be hard to stay strong in the moment when others pressure us otherwise. (I was reading a story about this in the scriptures this week, and it inspired this prompt.) Writing down our beliefs can help us stay committed to keeping or defending them when moments of pressure arise. So for this week’s “Family History in 15 Minutes” journaling prompt, it’s themed “10 Things I Know Are True” and doubles as an opportunity to think about your beliefs so you’re prepared to live them and defend them no matter what situation you’re in. It reminds me of this quote from Elaine S. Dalton, who talked about deciding how she would stick to her beliefs no matter what circumstances came up: “I made those decisions once, and then in the moment of decision, I knew exactly what to do because I had decided beforehand.” What 10 things do you believe that you never want to forget?

Plus, what greater treasure can we leave to our families in the future (and now!) than sharing the beliefs that are most important to us?

Download the free "10 Things I Know" journaling page.

Download the "10 Things I Know" journaling page from Family FED

Find more printables for our “Family History in 15 Minutes” journaling prompts.

Conversation Starter

Share your list with your family, and discuss what they believe. More important, share stories of how you learned those beliefs are true and times when you lived or defended those beliefs. 

Why This Matters

In addition to giving you strength to live your beliefs by writing them down, sharing these family stories (see “Conversation Starter”) can give other family members courage to stand up for their beliefs in the future!

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