100 Ways to Serve Your Family + Service Charts! Service Ideas for Kids and Parents

100 Ways to Serve Your Family + SERVICE CHARTS! Service Ideas for Kids and Parents

Help add joy and harmony at home with family service ideas for kids (ages 3–5, 6–9, and 10+), teens, and parents. These 100 ideas to serve your family give you a great place to start, and our service chart to mark 100 service projects keeps the momentum going. These family service charts come in two versions, with one including a spot for a drawing of your family! Our PDF download includes the list of 100 ideas in between the two chart options, making it easy to print the service ideas on the back of either chart for easy reference with double-sided printing.

 100 Ways to Serve Your Family + SERVICE CHARTS! Service Ideas for Kids and Parents

Download our family service charts and printable list of 100 ways to serve your family for only $1.


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100 Ways to Serve Your Family + SERVICE CHARTS! Service Ideas for Kids and Parents

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Ages 3–5

1. Give them a hug. 

2. Make them a card.

3. Put the shoes away.

4. Put the laundry away.

5. Draw a picture for them.

6. Match the socks up after they are washed.

7. Pray for your family members by name.

8. Call a grandparent to say hello.

9. Be extra nice to them the whole day.

10. Tell them a joke.

11. Get dressed and brush your teeth in the morning without Mom or Dad asking.

12. Share your toys.

13. Close the door again when you go through it.

14. Say “please” and “thank you.”

15. Put away your toys after you play.

16. Help clean up a mess.

17. Sing them a song.

18. Ask if there’s something you can do to help.

19. Speak to them in a kind voice.

20. Wait until someone finishes talking before you start talking.

21. Share a treat.

22. Wait your turn without getting mad.

23. Sit in your chair until everyone is done with dinner.

24. Ask them how they’re doing, and listen to what they say.

25. Tell them you love them.

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Ages 6–9

1. Read to a younger sibling.

2. Play a game together.

3. Put the dishes in the dishwasher.

4. Let someone else sit in the best spot on the couch.

5. Fold the laundry.

6. Make the beds.

7. Weed the yard.

8. Mow the lawn.

9. Help put the groceries away.

10. Set the table.

11. Help make a meal.

12. Sell lemonade to buy a treat for your siblings.

13. Sweep the floor.

14. Dust the tables.

15. Make them a paper chain with reasons you love them.

16. Prepare lunches for your siblings to take to school.

17. Take out the trash.

18. Clean up the table after dinner.

19. Do a chore for someone else.

20. Walk the dog.

21. Forgive them when they are not nice to you.

22. Do a sneaky service project for them without them knowing.

23. Water the plants.

24. Replace an empty toilet paper roll.

25. Write kind notes with chalk on the driveway.

Ages 10+

1. Put the dishes away.

2. Do the laundry.

3. Let someone else sit in the best spot in the car.

4. Polish someone’s shoes.

5. Let someone else choose which show to watch.

6. Cook dinner.

7. Entertain your siblings while Mom and Dad work on a project.

8. Write a thank-you note.

9. Help gather your family for dinner.

10. Plan a family game night.

11. Mend or sew someone’s clothing if torn.

12. Make someone’s favorite treat.

13. Help do your younger siblings’ hair.

14. Invite your siblings to play with you and your friends.

15. Give them a compliment.

16. Put an inspiring quote where they can see it.

17. Remember when they have a big event and wish them luck.

18. Help them study for a test.

19. When you can drive, run errands for Mom and Dad.

20. Make a gift for them.

21. Send them a card in the mail just for fun.

22. Hide treats for them to find on a hunt.

23. Shovel the snow.

24. Spend an hour with them doing something they want to do.

25. Use your talents to help them feel special.

6 questions to ask to create daily family time with ease!

These six questions will make it easy to maintain daily quality family time at last!


1. Let them choose all the meals for the day.

2. Smile at them when they enter the room.

3. Thank them for the good things they do.

4. Tell them the gifts and talents you see in them.

5. Be extra patient when they take a long time.

6. Help them learn a new skill they want to try.

7. Wash your spouse’s car.

8. Make an indoor family mailbox and leave notes inside.

9. Read them one extra book (in addition to the three other extra books you’ve read). ;)

10. Write them a personalized poem.

11. Help them make a decoration for their room.

12. Make a family newsletter to celebrate accomplishments.

13. Search for a random holiday like national chocolate chip cookie day and celebrate it.

14. Create a special celebration to honor them just for fun.

15. Plan a simple family activity each week; let them help if they’d like. (You can find lots of simple family activities at FamilyFED.com.)

16. Start a family gratitude journal where they can record the nice things their family members have done for them.

17. Write them a note sharing 25 things you love about them.

18. Put away your phone when you’re with them.

19. Spoil them with a chore-free day.

20. Let them lead a family activity.

21. Make and schedule time to do an activity they’ve been asking to do for quite a while.

22. Leave a fun note on their pillow.

23. Help them clean their room.

24. Make them breakfast in bed just for fun.

25. Create a secret journal of your favorite memories with them to give to them when they’re older.

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