Easy Family Activity Idea: Act Out a Scene from a Favorite Movie

For instant laughter, act out a scene from a favorite family movie using different accents.

For instant laughter, try re-creating a scene from a favorite family movie using various accents. You can all use the same accent (and do it multiple times rotating which accent you use) or have everyone use a different accent during the same scene. And you don't have to be good at accents—in fact, that even adds to the laugh factor!

This can also be easily done in the car to keep everyone laughing on a long car ride!

Conversation Starter

This activity is an easy way to start a conversation about how people experience different cultures and geographies throughout the world. Accents are one thing that differs depending on where we live. Discuss many other differences in locations around the world and how we can appreciate and celebrate many cultures!

Why This Matters

Building an understanding and appreciation of various cultures is so important! This is an easy and fun way to start those conversations.

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