Orange-Creamsicle Recipe for Ice Cream in a Bag


Orange-Creamsicle Recipe for Ice Cream in a Bag

With summer in full force, it’s a great time to break out the cold treats! Did you know you can easily make homemade ice cream in a gallon-size bag? It’s so easy! And our orange-creamsicle recipe for ice cream in a bag is delicious on a hot summer day!

Orange-Creamsicle Ice Cream Recipe

• 1/2 c. heavy whipping cream

• 1/2 tsp. orange-flavored Kool-Aid

• 3 tsp. sugar

• 1/4 c. mini marshmallows

• 3 Tbs. rock salt or ice cream salt

• Ice

How to Make Orange-Creamsicle Ice Cream in a Bag


1. Combine the whipping cream, Kool-Aid, sugar, and marshmallows in a sandwich bag. Seal it closed, removing as much air as possible. Squish and mix items together with your fingers on the outside of the bag.

2. Place the sandwich bag into a second sandwich bag and seal it tight, removing as much air as possible. The second bag will help ensure no ice or salt gets into your ice cream during the freezing process.

3. Fill the bottom third of a gallon-size bag with ice. Add 3 tablespoons of rock salt or ice cream salt.

4. Place the sandwich bag into the gallon-size bag and then cover it with ice. Seal the gallon-size bag closed. Tip: If you’re making multiple servings, you can add a second sandwich bag into the ice; but if you're making three or more servings, create another gallon-size bag of ice and salt for every 2 servings.

5. Shake the bag for around 10 minutes until the ice cream thickens. You can make it more fun by tossing it between family or friends outside, though you’ll want to add another gallon-size bag around the outside! Tip: You may want to wear mittens or use oven mitts to keep your hands from getting cold!

It’s the perfect summer treat!

Conversation Starter

Without the frozen ice and the rock salt to make it even colder, the cream mixture would never form into ice cream. Sometimes it’s the circumstances in our lives that seem most difficult or undesirable that help us to grow into a person even better, more refined, and stronger than we are today. How have difficult circumstances helped you grow?

Why This Matters

This delicious treat provides a fun reason to get outside, dance around, or play catch to shake up the ice cream. When others know the end result is a delicious treat, they’re willing to enjoy extra playtime outdoors. Even toddlers have fun throwing the bag around to mix up the ice cream! 

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