Color Shout—Fun Party Game or Family Game Using Uno Cards or Letter Cards

Color Shout card game by Family F.E.D.

When a card from the selected color shows up, can you be the first to shout out the needed number of words to win the cards?

 How to play Color Shout card game by Family FED

Download a PDF of this activity’s “recipe” to add to your family activity binder.

What You’ll Need

• Deck of numbered cards in four or more colors, such as Uno or Rook, OR The Ultimate Letter Card Game Deck (from in your Game Pantry.

How to Play

1. Deal all cards facedown equally to players.

2. Select a chosen color for the “shout color.”

Choose a color to be the "shout color" for Color Shout game by Family F.E.D.
3. Players take turns flipping their top card into the center. If they flip over a card in the shout color, they say the number on the card and a topic of their choice, such as “four sports” or “four colors.” The other players then race to be the first player to shout out four items in that topic. Whoever finishes first takes all the cards in the center.
4. Keep playing until one player has all the cards.


Play with our downloadable Ultimate Letter Card Game Deck, which offers SEVEN color options! Then when the shout color is turned over, the person who turns it over calls out a number along with the topic. Other players then race to meet the requirement, but all answers must begin with the letter on the card. For instance, if a “B” card is played in the shout color and the person who turns the card over says, “Three sports,” other players might shout, “Basketball, baseball, and badminton!” Note: When playing with this deck, use only a selection of letter cards from each color, because playing with the full deck may take quite a bit of time!

Conversation Starter

This is one game when knowledge of many topics is helpful. A broad knowledge of topics is also great for strengthening social skills, because you can better connect with others. What topics can you try or learn more about to help you connect with others?

Why This Activity Matters

Some games are great simply for getting energy out. This is one of them! It’s also fabulous for keeping everyone engaged and participating the whole time, since you never know when you need to be ready to jump in for your color shout!



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