Cups by the Yard! An Easy Boredom Buster Using Plastic Cups!

Play the Cups by the Yard boredom buster game by Family FED

Grab a yardstick and some plastic cups, then get ready for a challenge! How many cups can you balance? How fast can you do it?

 Instructions to play Cups by the Yard by Family FED

Download a PDF of this activity’s “recipe” to add to your family activity binder.

What You’ll Need

How to Play

  1. Balance a yardstick on one or two fingers.
  2. Add one cup at a time until you can stack 10 cups across the entire yardstick.

To level up your game, try these challenges:

  • Try balancing with your nondominant hand.
  • Have someone guide you with your eyes closed.
  • Lift the yardstick to eye level.



1. Balance the yardstick on the back of your hand.

Balance the yardstick and cups on the back of your hand.


2. Stack the cups inside each other.

Stack the cups inside each other.


3. Build a tower with the cups stacked in alternating directions.

Build a tower with the cups stacked in alternating directions.


Conversation Starter

Nothing is as constant as change! This game has you constantly reevaluating your balance point to keep the cups upright. How can you regularly evaluate the balance of everything in your life to stay centered with everything going on?

Why This Activity Matters

This game is perfect for reducing screen time. It can start out as a 5-minute family activity (to help draw your family together without much up-front commitment) but quickly turn into much longer play! Once your family starts playing, they’ll likely want to keep playing for a while because they’ll want to try new tricks and level-up challenges.


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