Draw an EGG-straordinary Family Portrait—Easy Easter Craft Idea!

Easy Easter craft idea: draw EGGstraordinary family portraits

For a fun Easter craft, have your family draw self-portraits on plastic Easter eggs. You can draw on half of the egg, like these, or draw on the entire egg and place coins in the bottom of the eggs to help them stand upright.


What You’ll Need

  • Plastic Easter eggs
  • Sharpie markers


How to Play

  1. Give everyone markers and all or part of a plastic Easter egg.
  2. Have everyone draw self-portraits on their eggs.



Start with a family photo you’ve already taken and have family members draw themselves to match it.


Conversation Starter

We know what haircuts our family members have, what clothes they wear, what they like to do, etc. But do we know why they like those things? Take some time to find out why everyone likes their style or interests. Video or audio record their answers or have family members write down their thoughts for a quick way to add to your family’s story!


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