Easy Camp Game: Kendama DIY Game (or Ball-and-Cup Games)

Easy Camp Game: Kendama DIY Game (or Ball-and-Cup Games)

For easy games for camping, try our simplified twist on Kendama.

To create your DIY games, tie dental floss around the neck of a plastic spoon and then tie the other end of the floss around a marshmallow. You now have a quick-and-easy ball-and-cup game to play! To make it closer to Kendama, place a second spoon upside down underneath the first spoon and wrap your floss around them to hold them tightly together.

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Plastic spoons

Dental floss

Conversation Starter

What else can you invent with a spoon and dental floss?

Why This Matters

This game is great for entertaining the kids away from the campfire if they're young enough that it's dangerous for them. It's also a great way to entertain older kids and teens while they're waiting for the campfire to get to the perfect point to roast marshmallows! And you can't beat how cheap it is to create lots of these simple games for a large group at a family reunion!


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Easy Camp Game: Kendama DIY Game (or Ball-and-Cup Games)


Easy Camp Game: Kendama DIY Game (or Ball-and-Cup Games) 

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