Simple Family Fun: Play in the Sprinklers WITH Your Kids to Create Special Memories


Simple Family Fun: Play in the Sprinklers WITH Your Kids

Forget the fact that you just showered, put on your favorite shirt, or finished your hair or makeup. Rather than simply sending the kids out to play in the sprinklers, head outside and run through the sprinklers with them! It’s worth the extra shower or redoing your hair to create those special memories with them sometimes!

Here’s why it’s worth it:

• The kids love being with you!

• Laughter is good for your health (even the Mayo Clinic says so).

• Outdoor play is good for the soul and your mental health (it’s all over Google).

• It feels good to play like a kid again (at least I say so). ;)

• It cools you down on a hot day.

If you want to throw in some water balloons, check out our three fun water balloon games and three more easy water balloon games (and subscribe to our YouTube channel while you're there!).

Conversation Starter

Is there anything else you’d love to have the WHOLE family enjoy together?

Why This Matters

You take time to make sure your kids have magical memories and fun summers full of play. Make sure that some of those great memories include you joining in the activities with them!

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