Greedy Leprechaun—a St. Patrick’s Day Party Game Idea for Your Family or School Party

Greedy Leprechaun St. Patrick's Day game by Family FED

You found a pot of gold coins to share! But will the greedy leprechaun take it all first?

Instructions for Greedy Leprechaun game by Family FED 

Get your download of the game here.

What You’ll Need

Greedy Leprechauns downloadable game from Family FED 

How to Play

Prep: Download and cut out the Greedy Leprechaun cards.

Place Greedy Leprechaun cards facedown on the table

1. Place cards facedown and take turns choosing whether to draw a card or not. (Is it worth the risk?)

Collect coins to win in the Greedy Leprechaun game for St. Patrick's Day by Family F.E.D.2. If you draw a coin card, place it in your pile.
3. If you draw the leprechaun card, you lose the gold in your pile (even from previous rounds) and the round is over.
4. Return the leprechaun to the center and start a new round with the remaining coins. The player with the most coins after five rounds wins.


    The Greedy Leprechaun collects the coins of anyone who draws his hat

    1. Return the leprechaun’s gold to the center after each round.

    Draw a clover on some coin cards for a bonus turn in the Greedy Leprechaun St. Patrick's Day game by Family FED
    2. Draw a clover on some of the coins. If drawn, the player gets a bonus draw.

    Change the risk and reward by adjusting the number of coin or leprechaun cards in Greedy Leprechauns St. Patrick's Day game by Family F.E.D.
    3. Adjust the number of 1-, 2-, 3-, or 4-value coin cards or leprechaun cards to vary the risk versus reward.

      Conversation Starter

      You’ll face many opportunities that make you weigh the risk versus the reward. How can you determine what risks are worth it and what risks are not?

      Why This Activity Matters

      Mainly, because it’s fun to celebrate the holidays. ;) But a bonus is that it’s a great opportunity to talk about risk verses reward with a subject (the leprechaun) that’s fun, memorable, and not your children so they don’t feel like they’re getting a lecture. This game can help them see that every choice has a consequence. Sometimes we notice the consequence to our choice right away, while sometimes we don’t. And sometimes the wise choice is to not even take the risk at all—which brings a consequence in and of itself.

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