Best Family Games: Flying Kiwis Board Game Review + How to Play

How to Play Flying Kiwis Board Game by Blue Orange + Best Family Game Review

If you’re looking for a game that’s great for all ages—from children to adults—that you can play instantly as soon as you open the box, then the Flying Kiwis board game from Blue Orange is a perfect pick! You don’t even have to read the directions to start launching the kiwis and having fun! (That's a HUGE win in my book!) And you can easily make up your own rules for each round! You can even change up the rules every time somebody gets a fun new idea for a twist, because it’s so fast-paced and all about just having fun. In short, this game simply means instant fun without a lot of thought or planning. When I bring several board games to a family event, this one is usually the first one that everyone wants to play.

How to Play the Flying Kiwis Board Game

If you do want to follow the official rules, here’s how to play Flying Kiwis:

1. Each player receives 10 flying kiwi tokens and one launching catapult. You can set up the catapult anywhere you want—the distance away from the crate doesn’t matter.

2. On someone’s cue, everyone starts launching their kiwi tokens. You can launch all 10 tokens only once per round (even if one lands just a couple inches from the catapult). 

3. The goal is to get the tokens to create a square of four or line of four kiwis right next to each other in the compartments. If you are the first person to do so, call out “Flying Kiwis” and you win!

4. If nobody creates a square or line of four with their 10 kiwi tokens, then players score a point for each kiwi token in their color if it's the top kiwi in each compartment. If a compartment has multiple kiwi tokens in it, then only the player on top gets points, and they get a point for all kiwi tokens in that compartment (if there are three kiwi tokens in one compartment, for instance, the top kiwi token gets three points). The person with the most points wins!

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How to Play Flying Kiwis Board Game by Blue Orange + Best Family Game Review

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