Quidditch "Flies Up": Easy Harry Potter Game with Dollar-Store Hula Hoops

Quidditch "Flies Up": Easy Harry Potter Game with Dollar-Store Hula Hoops

This fun and easy Harry Potter party game shows how to play Quidditch in a “flies up” style. To play, give everyone a dollar-store hula hoop, and whoever gets the flying Quaffle ball through their hoop gets 10 points—multiple players can score each round if it goes through several hoops. Occasionally throw out a Golden Snitch ball (golden-yellow bouncy ball), and if someone catches it before it touches the ground then he or she gets 150 points and the game is over. The person with the most points wins!

We used this Quidditch Quaffle Ball but purchased it for less than half the price; any rubber playground ball would work as well (we like this set of playground balls).

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