Play a Board Game Backward—Easy Family Activity Idea for Game Night


Play a Board Game Backward—Easy Family Activity Idea for a Family Game Night

Bring a fun twist to your next family game night by playing the game in reverse! For example:

• In Apples to Apples, have everyone submit a green adjective card for a single red noun card.

• In Battleship, try to cover as many non-ship spaces as possible before taking out the fleet.

• In Candy Land, work from the end of the board to the beginning—getting sent to the Peppermint Forest is now a desirable card!

• In chess, try to be the last player with a pawn. (See our YouTube video on “Save the Pawns.”)

• In Chutes and Ladders, start at 100 and move to 1–chutes are now better than ladders!

• In Guess Who, try to NOT guess any characteristics of the selected player.

• In Scrabble, spell words backward on the board.


What other games would you play backward? Leave a comment below!


Conversation Starter

What other activities would your family want to play backward? Jot down a list and keep it on hand for the next time you hear someone say, “I’m bored."


Why This Matters

Doing things outside our normal routine can be a great brain booster. Even something as simple as going in reverse in a board game makes the brain process it in a new way!

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