Santa Hat Shuffle—Easy and Fun Christmas Party Game for Kids

Santa Hat Shuffle—Easy and Fun Christmas Party Game for Kids

Will you get Christmas coal or Christmas treats in this easy Christmas party game for kids of all ages? This game plays off the classic game where you hide a ball under one of three cups and then shuffle the cups around to see if the player can follow the ball. But in this holiday twist, two cups will have a piece of coal under them and one will have a marshmallow! (If you don't have candy coal, simply ball up a piece of black construction paper.) If the participant successfully follows the marshmallow, he gets to eat it! To make the game extra festive, use red cups and decorate them with a "Santa belt" wrapped around them; download our printables for the Santa belts. See it played, along with three other easy Christmas party games for kids in the video below.

download our printables for the Santa belts

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