Give Your KIDS a Thank-you Shout-out during the Coronavirus

Give Your KIDS a Thank-you Shout-out during the Coronavirus

I’ve loved seeing all the shout-outs to our many, many heroes! I’ve also been thinking about one more group of heroes during the pandemic—the kids!

Kids have been experiencing lots of ups and downs, too, and a special note of appreciation and recognition may be just what they need this week!

Try this idea to make it extra meaningful! Use a growth-theme to acknowledge all the growth you’ve seen in them, and give them seeds or plants that they can watch grow as a reminder of the growth they’ve experienced during these unique times.

--What You’ll Need

Downloadable recognition note for children



  1. Paint clay pots for your children.
  2. Write a thank-you note for each child. You can use our download; simply print it out, cut it where noted, fold it where noted, and tape the bottom and side to create a pocket. Tip: Write your message before you fold and tape.
  3. Add a seed packet in the pocket you created, or choose together which seeds or plants to put in the pots.

Wondering what plants might be good? While I’m not a huge gardener, here are some plants that seem to be the best for small pots in my research, along with Amazon links so you don’t have to head out to a store.


• Aloe: (pack of 5) or (pack of 10) 

Aloe plant

• Jade:

• Pink jade:

• String of pearls: 

Donkey's Tail plant to give to children

• Burrito Sedum (Donkey’s tail):

• Spider plant (use a 4" pot):

• Anthurium Pink (use a 4" pot):

 Anthurium plant


These seeds are fast-growing, indoor starters so your children can watch them growth quickly. Then you can transfer them outdoors later. Local stores will have better prices where that’s safe or accessible to go, but I’ve included some Amazon links when there seemed to be a reliable seller (still research out for your own opinions, though).

• Marigolds:


Calendula plants to grow from seed

• Calendula:

Alyssum seed gift for children

• Alyssum:

• Sweet peas

Celosia or Cockscomb


• Cosmos:

• Phlox:



Send your gift to your children in the mail so they receive a fun surprise in the mailbox!


Conversation Starter

After hearing recognition from you, ask your children what they’re proud about in their lives right now! Record it to keep as a family story. (You can easily store audio files in the FamilySearch Memories app on Apple or Android.)


Why This Matters

While hearing that others are proud of us, there’s something especially meaningful about seeing those thoughts in a handwritten letter. Plus, it creates a long-term treasure that can be turned to again and again. And in this case, seeing the seeds grow into flowers or plants serves as another great reminder of their recognition.


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