Frozen 2 Movie Night Ideas—4 Fun Ideas to Build Family Connections with a Disney Plus Movie Night!

4 party ideas for a Frozen 2 party with family history twists!

Turn a traditional Disney Plus movie night into a family Disney movie night PARTY that builds family connections and closeness with these four easy Frozen 2 party game and food ideas! Anna and Else knew how to move forward during hard times to do the next right thing because of what they learned from their family’s stories. Likewise, knowing and talking about your family’s stories can help your family make it through hard times, too! A Frozen 2 theme makes it so much fun! See more about the importance of knowing your family’s stories in our “Sculpt a Memory” blog post. 

Supplies Needed

• Game 1: No supplies needed!

• Game 2: Flour, pitcher of water, cutting board

• Game 3: Frantic Forest Frozen game here: 

• Game 4: Ice cream, large snowflake silicone mold (buy it here) or small snowflake molds (buy them here in a three-pack or single set), and plastic spoons 


Game 1: Sculpt a Memory: This fun twist on charades lets your share your favorite family moments while posing like frozen statues! Download a game sheet for it in its full article.

Sculpt a Memory—a Frozen 2 party game twist on charades


Game 2: Protect Arendelle’s Castle: Will you be able to save the “castle” like Elsa does when water races toward it? Simply create a “castle” from a 1/2 cup of flour, find a household item to try to protect it, and then pour water down a cutting board toward it!

Easy DIY Frozen family game to protect Arendelle’s castle! Try to block it with foam blocks.     Easy DIY Frozen family game to protect Arendelle’s castle! Try to block it with a cutting board.

Easy DIY Frozen family game to protect Arendelle’s castle! Pour water toward the flour.     Easy DIY Frozen family game to protect Arendelle’s castle! Try to block it with a glass cup.


Game 3: Frantic Forest game with a family-story twist! Our twist with a family-member quiz makes this off-the-shelf board game an incredible bonding time. Rather than spinning the spinner or using the game, have one person ask the others a question about himself or herself; whoever gets it right gets to add a snowflake to the tree to see if they can make Olaf fly!

How to play Disney Frozen's Frantic Forest game with a family history twist


Activity 4: Story Scoops: A marker and some plastic spoons takes this ice-cream dessert treat to the next level! Simply turn a carton of ice cream into a snowflake with this mold or smaller molds. Then write some family-story topics on the handles of plastic spoons, such as “vacation memories” or “funny moments.” In order to take a bite of the ice cream, family members pull out a spoon and share something on that topic.

Melt ice cream into a snowflake silicone mold for a Disney Frozen 2 party


Frozen 2 party dessert idea, turning ice cream into a snowflake mold

Be sure to have your video camera out for each activity to capture your family’s stories!

P.S. I also found this “Rumbling Rock” game with the earth giants for under $10 that looks like fun.

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