Nature Walk Bingo Game—10 Downloadable Cards for an Easy Outdoor Family Adventure and Nature Appreciation Field Trip

Nature Walk Bingo game with 10 downloadable cards

These 10 colorful and downloadable Nature Walk Bingo cards will turn a routine walk into a fun adventure with our downloadable Nature Walk Bingo game! 





How to Play 

1. Print the downloadable Nature Walk Bingo cards.

2. Give everyone a bingo card and pencil, marker, or crayon.

3. Look for the objects on your bingo card and mark them. Get five items in a row in any direction to win.

Downloadable Bingo cards for a nature appreciation walk



1. Take photos of each item and use them as your screensavers to remind you of your special adventure.

Take a nature photo


2. Use sticky notes to cover the squares instead of using pencil to cross out the items.

Nature Walk Bingo cards for a nature appreciation day


3. Keep playing until someone gets “blackout,” where all squares are crossed out.

Nature Walk Bingo downloadable cards for Earth Day or nature appreciation field trips and nature walks


Conversation Starter

Talk about how this game helped you notice more fully the things you pass every day but may not pay much attention to. What other things might you be passing by without noticing their true value? What do you want to do to better experience the most important opportunities and relationships in your lives?


Why This Matters

Whether we’re hurriedly moving to our next destination or scrolling on our phones while talking with someone in the room, it’s easy to be present somewhere without truly experiencing the moment or the location. This Nature Walk Bingo game provides a fun reason to pause and truly appreciate the stunning world around us. And it’s a great reason to get outside! It helps you connect with nature and with the people you’re with! It’s also a great game to involve children across a wide range of ages.


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